Driving employee appreciation and retention

The success of any retirement and employee benefit program depends on the comprehension, participation and appreciation of employees. That is why quality communication is vital to the successful implementation of any benefit program.

You may be communicating, but do your employees understand the value they are receiving from you by offering a pension plan?
A well-designed communication plan can raise awareness and, most importantly, help employees understand, utilize and appreciate their benefits.

Proven strategy to engage employees

At USI Consulting Group (USICG), we understand retirement and employee benefit plans. We have the subject matter experts to help you communicate benefits and other human resources issues effectively to your employees. Our communication professionals will work with you to develop a communication program to connect with and inspire your employees. Our expertise enables us to deliver innovative communication solutions to any size employer without the costs normally associated with larger firms.

We will start by developing a communication strategy focused on ensuring employees understand their pension plan benefit with the goal of increasing engagement and loyalty, while alleviating burdens from the HR team. Components include, but are not limited to:

customized-icon.png tcbs-icon.png decision-icon.png webinar-icon.png

Customized employee communication materials
(collateral, email campaigns,
newsletters, etc.)

Total compensation
benefit statements

Decision guides

Education via meetings
and/or webinars



24/7 account access

USICG’s Pension Portal is a comprehensive, self-service tool that provides pension plan participants access to interactive calculations that can be used for benefit estimates and retirement planning displays.