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For more than 45 years, organizations have relied on us to help their employees successfully plan and invest for retirement. Our integrated team of highly skilled professionals provide specialized expertise in retirement plan, investment, actuarial and benefits consulting for clients across the United States. Our clients consist of public and private sector employers, not-for-profit organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies. We are a top 10 retirement consulting firm focused on optimizing your retirement plan, driving financial wellness for your employees and influencing the long-term financial success of your organization.



USI Consulting Group (“USICG”) is a corporation (incorporated in the State of Connecticut) and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of USI Insurance Services, a private equity partner with KKR and CDPQ.

* As of December 31, 2021. Investment Advice for institutional accounts provided by USI Advisors, Inc. USI Consulting Group is an affiliate of USI Advisors, Inc.