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Hooker & Holcombe is now part of USI Consulting Group

Together, we are your dedicated partner for all types of qualified and nonqualified retirement plans.  We deliver independent, comprehensive guidance and innovative, flexible retirement plan solutions to meet the changing needs of employers and their employees. We can help you manage your fiduciary obligations, mitigate risk and stay compliant, with a deep commitment to client satisfaction and superior results.

We look forward to providing plan participants with best-in-class service and helping them reach a financially secure future.

CT Teachers 403(b) Plans

Congratulations! You have made the decision to save for your retirement. A 403(b) plan is a great way to achieve your retirement goals. Whether you’re looking to open a new account, change your account provider or rollover an existing account, getting started is easy. Simply click on the Enroll button to start the process. 

Why choose us?

We’re headquartered in Glastonbury, CT and have been part of Connecticut’s history and the communities where you live and work. Our extensive experience helping public sector employees achieve their retirement goals delivers the best solutions for your 403(b) plan.

In addition to instant access to your account, forms and investment funds, we offer you the opportunity to meet with retirement plan professionals equipped to guide you through the enrollment process and help you make the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plan. Our dedicated professionals can be by your side every step of the way. 


Retirement plan participant resources

Access our robust library of retirement and investment resources to help educate and optimize your retirement strategy as you continue your path to a secure life after retirement.