At USI Consulting Group, we take a completely different approach to defined contribution plan delivery. We do not manage money. We have no proprietary investment products. Our team is truly objective, putting positive employee and employer outcomes at the center of everything we do. Our approach helps employers fulfill their fiduciary obligations and create a diverse and completely customizable investment menu that helps facilitate 404(c) compliance. We provide our clients with access to:

  • Over 65 different mutual fund families and more than 6,800 individual mutual funds
  • Top-rated mutual funds* at Net Asset Value Value (i.e., without an initial sales charge)
  • Broad selection of target date funds that provide employees with a simple, diversified solution based on their projected retirement age
  • Various investment alternatives including stable value, company stock, self-directed brokerage, collective trusts (i.e., collective investment funds), managed portfolios and separate accounts
  • Robust co-fiduciary support for investment selection and monitoring


* Morningstar Investment Management LLC.

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